Día de Los Muertos DIY La Catrina

Día de Los Muertos DIY La Catrina

Oct 07 , 2022


Del Real Foods

Step 1: Prepare your face. Perform your normal skin care routine before adding foundation and powder. By preparing your face, this will make it easier to add additional layers of makeup.

Step 2: Using a white face paint, paint half of your face with a makeup sponge. A sponge will provide better coverage when using a cream face paint. If needed add multiple layers of paint until the desired coverage is achieved.

Step 3: Add base design. For this Catrina we drew a heart with black eyeliner before filling in with pink face paint. When applying face paint, try to dab verses rub, so you do not take off the first layer of paint.

Step 4: To make your color pop, use bright eyeshadows that will enhance the color of the face paint. This is also a great opportunity to use shimmery eyeshadows.

Step 5: Use rhinestones with adhesive backings to outline your design. If you can not find rhinestones with adhesive backings, another great alterative is to purchase regular rhinestones and then use eyelash glue as the adhesive. The eyelash glue is safe to use on your face and will keep the rhinestone on your face until you are ready to peel them off.

Step 6: With a small fluffy brush and black eyeshadow add shading along the jaw line. Remember a little goes a long way and keep blending so the shadow is not too defined. Using a black pencil eyeliner, add lines along the Catrina's lips, color in the nose, and other fun designs.

Complete your Catrina with pink lipstick, mascara, and a flower clip.

Show us your Catrina creations: @delrealfoods

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